Dr. Aelbrecht’s basic philosophy is simple: the patient comes first, whatever their care needs. However vague or strange the complaints seems initially, we always look for cause and cure together with the patient. We always start out from the principle of acceptance, i.e. a patient doesn’t have to convince us or prove that his/her complaints are actually there.

Complaints in connection with energy problems and premature ageing problems are often brought on by a complex interplay of physical, emotional and psychological causes, requiring a persistent approach. For this reason, we opt for a holistic approach, tailored to the patient. An approach in which, if need be, the expertise of traditional Western medical science is successfully combined with proven alternative treatment techniques.

This holistic approach also deliberately gives patients an active role in the recovery process. Patients are encouraged, for example, to help us think of possible causes of the complaints. We also sometimes expect the patient to make changes to their lifestyle. For example, in the areas of nutrition, exercise and exertion. The patient does not undergo their recovery process but actively takes part in it. It is here that we distinguish ourselves from other existing therapeutic models and this also explains the great efficacy of our treatments.