The clinic of dr. Aelbrecht is a centre where you can come for treatment of energy problems and chronic pain problems, for prevention and for healthy ageing.
'Mens sana in corpore sano': a healthy mind in a healthy body. This is the holistic point of view from which the inseparable unity of mind and body is considered. Proceeding from this point of view, dr. Aelbrecht combines classical Western medical science with alternative treatment techniques the efficacy of which has been proven clearly and scientifically.

Nowdays, an increasing number of people have to struggle with serious energy problems. Consider complaints like chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia, burn-out and depression. Our  approach offers realistic prospects of recovery for them in particular.

Dr. Aelbrecht started a unit for chronic pain problems, with as purpose to treat chronic pain problems such as fibromyalgia, rheumatic conditions, arthrosis pains and neurological pains in as conservative and natural a way as possible with the assistance of biopuncture, neural therapy, nutrition and nutritional supplements and specifically focussed manual therapy.

Primary prevention
In addition to treating energy problems, we also have a counseling programme for those people wishing to prevent problems with illness and quality of life in the future.

Secondary prevention
Some patients have already suffered a serious disease, such as cancer. As soon as the first steps to recovery have been taken, all attention must be shifted to supporting the immune system, to minimize the chances of relapse, or the next stage of the disease.

Anyone wishing to increase their chances of enjoying a good-quality, long life and wishing to slow ageing can come to us for a well-founded approach. For problems in connection with the physical and psychological health aspects of ageing, an appropriate solution is always sought in consultation with the patient.

After a thorough inquiry, a physical examination and a blood and urine test, each patient will be assessed and treated . In order to achieve a better outcome, it is also important that the patient gets a clearer understanding of their lifestyle and that they make the necessary changes (nutrition, exercise…). We also offer interactive workshops, where patients learn a lot about themselves and their problems.